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White House calls for greater adoption of cloud technology

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The US government's IT systems are in need of a major overhaul according to the White House that is calling for steps to be taken to help better protect data (opens in new tab) and increase the use of cloud services across agencies. 

In a recent report concerning the state of its IT systems and spending, the White House highlighted the issues its currently facing, saying: 

“Difficulties in agency prioritization of resources in support of IT modernization, ability to procure services quickly, and technical issues have resulted in an unwieldy and out-of-date federal IT infrastructure.” 

The report also laid out a timeline for the next year which included a number of IT reforms and how they would be implemented.  An unnamed email provider is also on board and has agreed to aid the US government by keeping track of its spending during the migration to a cloud-based email system.    

In order to further cut IT spending, the barriers to using commercially available cloud technology (opens in new tab) must be removed with the report noting that: “Federal agencies must consolidate their IT investments and place more trust in services and infrastructure operated by others.” 

To complicate matters further, government agencies often pay drastically different prices for the same IT technologies and services and according to the report sometimes an IT item can cost three or four times as much depending on the agency purchasing it. 

The White House acknowledged that now agencies will typically buy their IT systems independently but this will have to change for any progress to be made.  The report also emphasized that currently a “lack of common standards and lack of coordination drives costly redundancies and inefficiencies.” 

Image Credit: Mdgn / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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