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Why Pure Storage is looking to shake up the flash market

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With the world around us becoming smarter and more connected with each passing day, the need for a reliable and efficient way to store data becomes more important than ever.

The storage market has seen major evolution and investment in recent years, as the growth of the Internet of Things creates mountains of data, all of which needs to be stored somewhere.

This opportunity has opened the door for companies looking to stamp their mark on the increasingly lucrative storage industry - one of which is Pure Storage.

"We came into existence on the basis that the storage industry hasn't really changed in the past 20 years - the way you bought storage was the same as 30 years ago,” James Petter, Pure Storage VP EMEA, told ITProPortal.

Since entering the UK market several years ago, Pure has looked to differentiate itself through its FlashBlade storage offering. This recently got an AI-ready upgrade with the company’s new AIRI and AIRI Mini products, which Petter says can help facilitate greater AI work by harnessing more GPU power than ever before.

"There is a fundamental mathematical problem with AI,” he says, noting that Pure’s FlashBlade hardware allows faster data processing, especially as more organisations look to expand into AI technology and GPU servers become more commonplace.

"It's being able to run future world applications in a way you couldn't do before with legacy architecture,” he says, naming rapid restore and large-scale analytics as key use cases alongside AI.

Pure Storage counts the likes of Mercedes, Waitrose and Man AHL among its main UK customers, showing the breadth of the company’s offerings, and how vital effective and efficient storage is to the modern business.

The company also recently announced it would be partnering with Cisco to build FlashStack powered by FlashBlade, a solution designed specifically for Oracle Data Warehouses.

Overall, with the use cases for AI increasing by the day, it seems that Pure Storage is well set to lead the way in helping encourage use of breakthrough technologies across multiple verticals.

And as Petter says, "when we first came into the industry, we wanted to disrupt it - we want to maintain that culture, that's in our DNA, it's what we do."

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Mike Moore is Deputy Editor at TechRadar Pro, and has worked as a B2B and B2C tech journalist for nearly a decade, including at one of the UK's leading national newspapers and ITProPortal.