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Wi-Fi tethering could be set for major speed rise

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chris Oakley / Flickr)

Silicon Valley's heavyweights, including Apple, Facebook and Google, to name a few, are joining forces as they lobby for a new Wi-Fi bandwidth at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

However there is stil the need for the FCC's approval to create reliable connectivity in the 6GHz spectrum, for low-power devices like smartphones, AR / VR glasses, tablets and so on.

However, not everyone is happy with the idea. Cellular companies, but also the likes of utility companies and home appliances manufacturers, aren't exactly thrilled about this initiative. They argue that, given that some of these devices still use 6GHz antennas for their communication backhaul, we may be witnessing interference.

In a letter to the FCC, the group of tech companies argue that there is 'no real-world risk of harmful interference to licensed FS operations', given that these low-power devices transmit data below a certain power threshold and would thus be able to traverse the 6GHz spectrum without worry of interference.

If this materialises, it would allow AR glasses, VR heatsets and in-car entertainment sets fast Wi-Fi data tethering. However, we're talking connectivity within a couple of metres. You wouldn't even be able to share data between devices in different rooms of the same hosue.

Such a solution would also allow peer-to-peer connectivity between cars, possibly preventing self-driving vehicles from crashing into one another.