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Windows 10 does block third-party security products, Microsoft confirms

(Image credit: Image Credit: JPstock / Shutterstock)

There are situations in which Windows 10 will partially block a third-party security solution, Microsoft has confirmed. However it is not for competitive reasons, but rather for compatibility reasons. 

If a Windows 10 user patches their system to the Creators Update patch, and a security system lags behind in code, Windows 10 will prompt the user to update the security suite. Before the update is complete, Windows 10 will block the antivirus solution and temporarily replace it with Windows Defender. The user will also have to allow Defender to become active.

All of this was confirmed by Microsoft as it battles the case against Kaspersky in EU, Germany and Russia.

Kaspersky claims Microsoft is doing the same thing with security solutions as it once did with browsers, but Microsoft is stating otherwise.

“For the small number of applications that still needed updating, we built a feature just for AV apps that would prompt the customer to install a new version of their AV app right after the update completed. To do this, we first temporarily disabled some parts of the AV software when the update began.”

Microsoft began rolling out the Creators Update for its Windows 10 users recently. The free update gives its users 3D in Windows 10, new features for gamers, an improved Edge, updates to the Store, and many more. 

Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock