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Windows 10 migration is taking too long for many businesses

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Many organisations haven’t updated their machines to the latest operating systems, exposing themselves to a vast array of cybersecurity threats, according to new reports from 1E.

The endpoint management and security company surveyed 600 senior IT decision makers and found that almost a third (32 per cent) of endpoints still run on outdated operating systems.

These systems pose a risk because of all the unpatched vulnerabilities and known flaws that could easily be exploited by malicious actors.

Even though the majority of organisations (82 per cent) understand the security benefits of having a new operating system, more than half (56 per cent) claim that the migration isn’t happening fast enough.

Comparing different industries, the report claims that retail, distribution and transport industries are the furthest behind with just 65 per cent of devices migrated, followed by financial services, public sector, construction and property, as well as media, leisure and entertainment.

Even organisations that fully migrated are having trouble with Microsoft’s large bi-annual update routine.

“If you’re already struggling with Windows 10 migration, you will continue to struggle even more with the updates, and it all comes down to the same problem: a lack of endpoint reach and control,” said Sumir Karayi, CEO at 1E.

“It’s clear organizations still have a long way to go and not much time left to get there. Investing in an automated endpoint management solution today can give you a massive jumpstart on migration and set you up for a much fewer headaches when the first updates roll out.”