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Windows 10 now has more users than ever

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Microsoft's flagship operating system Windows 10 now holds 52.38 per cent of the entire operating system market share, according to fresh figures from Netmarketshare. This means it is up 1.39 per cent on the month.

The market analysts say that among Windows operating systems, the 10 holds 61 per cent of the share, making it a clear winner. Windows 7 is still a strong number two, holding 28.17 of the market share. It is down 2.17 per cent on the month, continuing the drop trend. Windows 7 is nearing its end of life (early 2020), and everyone's expecting its market share to continue to dwindle.

On the third spot is macOS, which now holds 10.73 per cent of the share. It has also risen, 1.71 per cent. The most popular version is, as you might expect, macOS 10.14, followed by versions 10.11-10.13.

Linux isn't exactly having the time of its life, sliding further to 1.25 per cent (down 0.01 per cent).

But all of this is just for desktop and laptop computers. Looking at the bigger picture, and adding other form factors to the mix, Google's Android becomes the number one player in the world, with 39.12 per cent of the entire market.

Windows is second with 36.28 per cent. Microsoft gets a lot of help from other form factors because, as you might know, its Xbox consoles run on Windows 10. Also, specific hardware such as hospital equipment or ATM machines, frequently run on Windows.

iOS is in third place with 18.46 per cent, followed by macOS at 4.87 per cent.