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Windows 10 update struggling to take off

(Image credit: Image Credit: Reboot to Restore)

Users are still not keen to download the latest Windows 10 update, new figures suggest. 

Figures from AdDuplex, which suggest that just 6.6 per cent of all Windows 10 machines have been updated to the 1809 version.

The media blame Microsoft on the poor adoption rate, and all the woes that have been following the 1809 version. For those with a shorter memory, 1809 has first been delayed for weeks. Once it was live, some users claimed the patch had deleted their personal files, which forced Microsoft to pull the patch out.

It is now live again, but the company is taking a very tentative approach, urging users not to install the update if it's not available through the Update Assistant. According to WCCFTech, there are still “multiple Windows 10 October 2018 Update upgrade blocks that are in place”.

It is being said that Microsoft has started “aggressively pushing the update”, installing it on all compatible devices without users needing to click the ‘check for updates’ button. We can’t be certain if this is true or not, but we will know in a month, when January stats come in.

Be that as it may, 1809 is one of the slowest-growing Windows 10 versions ever.

Image Credit: Reboot to Restore