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Workers are scared of losing their jobs to AI

(Image credit: Image Credit: Razum / Shutterstock)

While some people believe artificial intelligence (AI) will open up new job opportunities and eliminate redundant, repetitive tasks from everyday activities, others worry about their place in the future.

According to a new Kaspersky report, the majority of the UK population fears being replaced by AI sometime in the future. They are also fearful of what the future will look like for their children and whether or not they will have anything to work.  

While 60 per cent fear getting replaced by AI in the future, 49 per cent think their children will have a rough time finding work. Four in ten (39 per cent) also think AI will outsmart humans by 2045.

Many people, mostly younger ones, also believe AI-enabled smart devices will be used as part of their job.

“While beneficial for businesses, the introduction of new technology can understandably cause concern amongst workers. People are adjusting to the constant evolution of solutions and machines that can improve workplaces and how their roles may change. Given the current IT skills gap, those either starting or hoping to change their careers can help future-proof their job prospects by exploring roles in digital industries, such as cybersecurity,” comments David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky.

Kaspersky adds that it’s not all “doom and gloom”, as many are also optimistic about AI. They believe the technology will improve productivity and allow more people to upskill.