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Workers are struggling with ‘information overload’

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/pikselstock)

Employees are struggling to make use of the digital tools at their disposal, according to a new report by OpenText. Paired with the problem of “information overload”, this makes the UK workforce highly stressed.

Polling 2,000 UK workers for the report, OpenText found that many felt ill-equipped to switch to a remote working environment. Further, many feel stressed by information overload: having too many information sources, too many apps to check and too many accounts to track. To make matters worse, some employees feel it is impossible for them to log off and unplug.

All of this is taking quite the toll on both their personal and professional lives, the report states.

“Consumers increasingly use digital services for everything from communicating with loved ones to accessing healthcare and buying their groceries. Similarly, many businesses are turning to new digital services to ensure staff can work safely from home,” said Lou Blatt, SVP and CMO, OpenText.

“Users have proven willing to adopt new services and tools, but also face challenges in managing multiple accounts and sources of information. Companies need to recognise this trend and find ways to reduce complexity, simplify workflows and processes and create compelling customer and employee experiences."