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Workers are being asked to juggle up to 200 applications at once

(Image credit: Image Credit: TeroVesalainen / Pixabay)

The number of apps workers juggle on a daily basis has grown six per cent in the past year, new figures have suggested.

According to a new report by Okta, one in ten businesses use 200 or more apps to be more productive while staying secure.

The report also argues that businesses gravitate towards flexibility, data usability and security, services such as Snowflake, Atlassian Opsgenie and Splunk are becoming the fastest-growing apps for the first time.

Snowflake, an app which allows businesses to make better informed decisions, faster, took the number one spot on the fastest-growing list. Popular collaboration tools like Zoom or Slack, which weren’t even mentioned in the report six years ago, are now shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Office 365 and G-Suite which, the report concludes, means workers favour flexibility and functionality across the board.

Security stacks and developer tools are also rising on everyone’s priorities list.

Okta also says that app FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, with many organisations “double-dipping”. Essentially, they’re buying best-of-breed apps in addition to bundles, with almost four fifths (78 per cent) of Okta’s Office 365 customers adopting one or more best-of-breed apps with the same functionality as the Office 365 suite.

And finally, Okta says that it’s a “user-centric world” out there, and that organisations are increasingly looking to protect their workers from cyberattacks, rather than their networks.

When businesses adopt their first security tool, for a third of them – they start with something focused on protecting the people and not devices, networks, or similar.