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Workers shun businesses that aren’t data savvy

(Image credit: Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens)

In the UK, the majority of workers would reject a job opportunity at a company that doesn’t use data to make decisions, a new report suggests.

Analytics platform Tableau Software has polled 1,100 office workers and c-suite executives in the UK and concluded that data has become a “recruitment deal-breaker”.

“Our findings reflect a sincere desire among knowledge workers to join organisations that value the ability to access and analyse data, and who encourage their staff to become more data fluent,” said James Eiloart, Senior Vice President EMEA, Tableau.

In the same vein, businesses that offer data analytics skills and training are more attractive to most (84 per cent), irrespective of age or previous employment.

“Data-driven organisations are, by their nature, constantly seeking to gain insights and reveal ways to improve themselves and gain a competitive edge. The best employees are no different. They will increasingly gravitate to businesses with a strategy which emphasises the development of data and analytics skills which are vital to future success,” concludes Eiloart.

Respondents in executive positions also agreed that training and development programs are of great importance to their organisation’s data analytics strategy and help engage and retain employees. The report found there’s much room for improvement on that front, with almost four in ten (38 per cent) not having conducted training in the past year.