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Workers want more technology in the workplace

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People working in small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) aren’t satisfied with the technology on offer in the workplace and would love to see some improvements in that field. This is according to a new global study by Lenovo, which claims SMBs “appear to have fallen behind” on delivering positive employee experience.

A better employee experience means better-performing workers, lower turnover and better customer experience, to name a few perks.

Lenovo suggests SMBs start “actively” listening to employee feedback and change the workplace accordingly. According to the report, the biggest issue lies in the fact that employees in most SMBs still work on desktop computers. Three quarters of employees don’t have access to cloud-based tools and can’t choose which technologies they’d use to get the job done.

SMBs should invest in mobile and portable devices, smart devices and smart office set-ups, all to give employee experience a boost, the report argues. A third of buyers (30 per cent) are looking to expand on their smart meeting room solutions, encouraging more collaboration across different locations.

“Creating an environment where employees can work remotely and achieve better work-life integration is essential,” it concludes.

In order not to fall into a trap of recurring technology purchases that make no difference, SMBs should first create an “effective and feasible” strategy, which will be in line with employees’ future needs, the report argues.

“While benefits and financial incentives remain important for attracting and retaining staff, SMB efforts must also be willing to invest in future tools and technology that are mobile, flexible and inclusive,” says Dilip Bhatia, Vice President of Global User and Customer Experience at Lenovo.

Sead Fadilpašić

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