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Workplace technology upgrades leaving employees frustrated

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Businesses were forced to implement a host of technological changes last year to support the wholesale transition to remote working. While most employees see this as a positive, some were left frustrated.

This is according to a new report from software company Citrix, based on a poll of 1,000 UK office workers in large businesses.

Asking employees about their workplace culture and the technology changes that took place last year, Citrix found that employers provided funds for new technology or changed the technology they made available to staff in 78 percent of cases.

For more than a third (36 percent), working styles evolved. While remote and flexible working wasn’t an option for many before the pandemic, these kinds of practices are now seen as the norm.

Many workers have embraced the changes, which they believe represent an improvement to their work experience and enable them to fulfill their potential.

However, tech investments proved less universally popular, as fewer employees described their tech stack as “premium”. For 38 percent, the alterations to their workspace technology simultaneously improved and worsened their work experience.

Technology that didn't allow employees to get the job done right left them frustrated and prevented them from going the “extra mile”. For some, it reduced the time they had to “get creative” at work, and almost a fifth (18 percent) considered changing jobs as a result of technology changes.