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World record for largest DDoS attack broken - again

(Image credit: Image Credit: Profit_Image / Shutterstock)

The record for the largest DDoS attack ever has been broken yet again, just a week after a new high was set.

Research by NETSCOUT Arbor confirmed the news, saying a 1.7Tbs attack was recorded against a customer of a U.S.-based service provider.

A week earlier, Akamai confirmed the first ever terabit attack, recorded at 1.3Tbps, against GitHub.

Arbor believes this second attack is important for multiple reasons, not just the fact that it's huge. It is important because it should start triggering alarms to network operators which should now start preparing for, what it calls “mega attack sizes”. Another reason why it is important is due to the fact that the service provider’s defences were impenetrable – no outages were detected. These large-scale attacks were made possible through the abuse of Memcached servers, amping up traffic 50,000 times.

Arbor Networks' Carlos Morales is confident we will be seeing more and more of these attacks, mostly because number of weak Memcached servers is quite large.

"While the internet community is coming together to shut down access to the many open memcached servers out there, the sheer number of servers running memcached openly will make this a lasting vulnerability that attackers will exploit," he wrote in a blog post here.

Arbor says it is now critical for companies to start taking the steps necessary to protect themselves for potentially enormous attacks.

Image Credit: Profit_Image / Shutterstock