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You can now talk to Salesforce's Einstein Analytics

(Image credit: Image Credit: Salesforce)

Salesforce has revealed a new launch that means users can now communicate with its big data analytics platform Einstein

The expansion means that users can ask Einstein basic questions and it will provide you with an answer, which greatly simplifies how businesses pull out actionable insights from vast amounts of data.

So for example, instead of sifting through countless data and then creating a chart to see who top accounts by annual revenue are, you can just ask Einstein Analytics: “Who are the top accounts by annual revenue?”, and it will ‘instantly’ create a configured dynamic chart to provide you with the right answer.

Among key features this conversational interface offers is a visual history of all the questions asked during an exploration session, so that you may backtrack most helpful questions. “You have questions about your business every day, and the answer to one question may lead to two more questions, and two more questions after that,” the company said in a press release.

The service is currently in beta, but Salesforce looks to offer it to customers soon.

Image Credit: Salesforce