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Younger workers could be putting your security at risk

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/jijomathaidesigners)

One might think that the younger generation, those that have grown up surrounded by technology, would be more conscious about the dangers lurking in the internet's depths, and would have adopted cybersecurity best practices from an early age.

The truth is quite different, at least according to NTT's new report about cybersecurity in the workplace (opens in new tab). The report says that employees over the age of 30 generally score better when it comes to securing their data and services, compared to those below the age of 30.

The argument is that the older generation has spent more time at the office and has thus acquired “digital DNA”.

Looking at the UK’s employees, opinions are a bit different on some cybersecurity-related topics. For example, the younger ones are more inclined towards paying ransom in a ransomware scenario, and more of them see IoT as a potential threat, compared to their older colleagues.

Unlike the older generations, the young ones mostly don’t believe their organisation has enough skills to cope with the number of cybersecurity threats, and they think it would take a bit longer to recover from an attack than what the over 30-s believe.

“It’s clear from our research that a multi-generational workforce leads to very different attitudes to cybersecurity,” commented Azeem Aleem, VP Consulting (UK&I) Security, NTT.

“This is a challenge when organisations need to engage across all age groups, from the oldest employee to the youngest. With technology constantly evolving and workers wanting to bring in and use their own devices, apps and tools, business leaders must ensure that security is an enabler and not a barrier to a productive workplace.”

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