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Younger workers find remote working more challenging

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/bikeriderlondon)

Contrary to popular belief, younger workers are finding remote working more challenging than their older peers.

This is according to a new report from Studio Graphene, based on a poll of more than 900 UK workers, which states that more than a quarter of millennials (28 percent) found the transition to remote working difficult. Among workers 55 years of age and older, one in ten (11 percent) found the transition tough.

Meanwhile, a quarter of millennials (28 percent) regularly struggle with technology, and almost a third have internet connection woes on a daily basis. Older workers appear to both struggle less with technology (18 percent) and have fewer connection-related issues (12 percent).

These figures are also reflected in workers' attitudes towards training. While only a handful of older workers think their business should provide more training and education (9 percent), more than a quarter of millennials (27 percent) would appreciate a helping hand.

“Whether it is because of less suitable (or comfortable) living conditions or higher expectations of their companies, it is clear that millennials are struggling more with the change – this includes tech issues, physical pains and the need for more support,” said Ritam Gandhi, Founder and Director of Studio Graphene.

“I urge businesses to step up and provide tools and training for their employees during this difficult period; importantly, they cannot treat their entire workforce the same, with each member of staff having unique needs and circumstances that they must support.”