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'Zoom-mania' is here to stay as staff embrace remote work

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UK employees are starting to get a taste for the remote working lifestyle and believe that, with the right tools, they could be equally productive. According to a recently issued report from Citrix, “Zoom-mania” is here to stay.

The coronavirus outbreak forced businesses to close down their offices and transition to a remote working model. While some see multiple benefits to this system - such as a better work-life balance, increased productivity and less impact on the environment - there are also challenges that need to be overcome. Namely, issues surrounding cybersecurity, social isolation and potential mental illness.

According to the report, seven in ten UK employees believe that, with the right tech, they can be more productive at home. Further, the Covid-19 experience has made the workforce a lot more comfortable with video calls, suggesting the popularity of Zoom and similar platforms will endure.

At the same time, employees understand potential risks to wellbeing associated with being disconnected from the office, and see collaboration and video communications platforms as key to their mental health.

A third would like to retain a more fluid working style, combining time at the office and home, the report concludes.

“Our research shows that IT teams around the world have risen to the challenge of swiftly enabling mass home-working. The next task is to make this sustainable and effective for the long-term, while also beginning the mammoth job of reintroducing workers back to physical workplaces,” commented Darren Fields, Vice President Networking, EMEA at Citrix.

“This huge rupture in the business landscape is likely to bring forward the emergence of a truly hybrid working environment. IT teams and business leaders must make sure this is as seamless, secure and adaptable as possible.”

“In this new, sometimes unusual situation, some people have a hard time drawing a clear line between their business and private lives. This is completely understandable, especially when both occur within the same room, or even at the same table."

Sead Fadilpašić

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