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ADT Identity Protection Review

A high-quality identity protection app at a low price

ADT Identity Protection review
(Image: © ADT Identity Protection)

Our Verdict

Most people will find ADT’s Identity Protection service great for its price point, and its checks are thorough enough to protect assets from fraudulent activity. However, people with many diverse investments may need a service with additional checks.


  • 24/7 support
  • Great low price
  • Thorough searches to identity data breaches


  • Plain dashboard
  • Less thorough checks than other market leaders

ADT (opens in new tab)has been a leading provider of home security products for over 100 years. These days, online assets are as vulnerable to theft as physical property, so ADT expanded into the digital security market. Now, it sells a high-quality identity protection service at a very affordable price with no consequent loss of quality.

ADT conducts searches to identify data breaches that put your sensitive information (including social security number, credit card information, and health data) in the hands of fraudsters. 

In this ADT Identity Protection review, we’ll identify if this is one of the best identity theft protection (opens in new tab) services available on the market today. We’ll examine the pricing, features, and  customer support so you can decide if ADT will meet your identity protection needs.

ADT Identity Protection: Plans and pricing

ADT Identity Protection review

ADT offers an affordable, high-quality identity protection service (Image credit: ADT Identity Protection)

Sometimes extremely low pricing is indicative of poor quality, but that’s not the case with ADT Identity Protection. The identity theft protection service is $9.99 per month, which is approximately half the price of competitors Norton and Lifelock. What’s more, the low price doesn’t come with any hidden catches, in contrast with Complete ID, which requires a Costco membership in addition to the $8.99 per month fee. 

Like other identity protection services, you start paying for your subscription before ADT will search for data security breaches. First, ADT enrolls your details onto its database so it can successfully monitor your credit score and other financial indicators. Potentially, you could be paying for the service for weeks or months before this process is completed. How long it takes depends on your specific circumstances. However, lengthy enrolment procedures are carried out by every identity protection service.


ADT Identity Protection review

Every use of your data is investigated by ADT to identify security threats (Image credit: ADT Identity Protection)

Identity theft is a common form of cyber crime, as criminals increasingly claim loans fraudulently, using stolen identities, to enrich themselves. ADT Identify Threat Protection has a number of features which investigate identity threats as they emerge, including the below.

ADT Identify Protection uses specialized software to scan the dark web (the hidden internet, only accessible via a virtual private network) to check if any of your sensitive data is for sale or being used fraudulently. If so, you’ll be immediately notified. 

Credit score monitoring involves daily checks for changes to your financial information (for example, by looking if any loans have been taken out, if you’ve requested to open a new bank account, or if any businesses have requested a credit check). The credit score on your dashboard is updated each month. 

ADT Identity Protection keeps track of addresses associated with your financial and personal information. If any new addresses are linked to your name, you’ll get an update in your dashboard. 

You’ll be delivered a report once a year which details every aspect of your financial information in the preceding year, including your credit score, addresses, account openings, and publicly available financial information.

ADT database scans the arrest records of county courthouses and jailhouses countrywide to see if someone has been arrested or convicted of a crime while fraudulently impersonating you. 

ADT covers any costs incurred to expose identity theft, including those of investigating and bringing the perpetrators to justice, up to a total value of $1 million.

Interface and in use

ADT Identity Protection review

A simple but effective interface (Image credit: ADT Identity Protection)

ADT Identity Protection won’t win any prizes for the design of its dashboard—it’s plain, functional, and to the point. However, while the dashboard is not visually engaging, it’s hard to fault it as it makes all relevant information easy to access and interpret.

The background is predominantly white, with ADT’s signature color used on tabs which direct you to the service’s main features. Inside the dashboard, you’ll find graphs which show which identity checks have been done and when.


ADT Identity Protection review

ADT representatives are on hand to help you 24 hours a day (Image credit: ADT Identity Protection)

ADT provides a dedicated 24-hour helpline for customers of its Identity Protection service to call in case of fraud. The Fraud Resolution team will explain how ADT can help you restore your stolen data and protect your identity as well as inform you of the financial reimbursement packages available.

IdentityForce and Norton both offer a similar product to ADT, which is approximately $10 a month more expensive. While ADT’s interface is plain and old-fashioned, both Norton and IdentityForce have a striking interface that engages you and relays your data in accessible, visually appealing ways. 

Both Equifax and Experian charge more for their identity protection services. However, they’re more comprehensive, and they use more channels to investigate data breaches which indicate identity fraud. However, both Equifax and Experian have been hacked and have left client’s data compromised, whereas that’s never happened to ADT.

Final verdict

Most people who are in an average or slightly above-average wealth bracket will find ADT’s identity protection service thorough enough to keep their data safe. The lower price makes ADT’s service one of the most competitive products in this market, so it’s worth purchasing if you want something which protects your identity without any bells or whistles. 

Wealthier clientele may be concerned that the data checks are not extensive enough, in which case, they should choose a service which conducts more thorough checks, like Experian or Equifax.

The Verdict

out of 5

ADT Identity Protection Review

Most people will find ADT’s Identity Protection service great for its price point, and its checks are thorough enough to protect assets from fraudulent activity. However, people with many diverse investments may need a service with additional checks.