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ConnectWise Control review

Secure and robust remote access and technical support

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Our Verdict

ConnectWise Control is one of the most advanced remote desktop platforms available. Priced at a premium, it comes with powerful security and communication features.


  • Supports unattended access and remote tech support
  • Advanced security features
  • Advanced communication features


  • Expensive
  • Interface not very beginner-friendly

ConnectWise Control (opens in new tab) is a remote desktop software (opens in new tab) platform designed for enterprises and IT teams that offers remote desktop (opens in new tab) access and tech support capabilities. 

While comparatively expensive, it offers a broad range of advanced features that make it one of the most cutting-edge remote desktop systems on the market. In this ConnectWise Control review, we break down the features that this powerful remote desktop software can offer, and assess how it stands up to the competition.

ConnectWise Control review: Snapshot

ConnectWise Control is remote desktop software that can be used for live tech support, remote work, or unattended access to remote computers. It offers two main plans: Access and Support. The Support plan is optimized for remote desktop tech support, while the Access plan is better for enabling remote office work or passive, routine system maintenance tasks like system updates (unattended access).

ConnectWise Control’s plans are on the expensive side relative to competitors like Zoho Assist (opens in new tab) and Splashtop Business (opens in new tab). This is because ConnectWise Control has advanced features that are not offered by competing platforms. These include the ability to host remote meetings with any number of users, VoIP-enabled voice communication, and role-based security.

Furthermore, ConnectWise Control is fully customizable, with users able to change the user interface and branding of the program to fully suit their needs. It also has over 100 third-party integrations. If you’re looking for a technologically-advanced remote desktop program with all the latest features, look no further.

Score: 4.5/5

Read on for our full and detailed ConnectWise Control review.

ConnectWise Control’s competitors

How does ConnectWise Control compare to its main competitors?
ConnectWise ControlSplashtopZoho Assist
Pros- VoIP-enabled voice chat for support meetings - 100+ third party integrations- Easy to set up and use - Unlimited simultaneous remote sessions per person- Affordable - Voice chat available
Cons- Expensive - No free plan- No free version - No voice chat- Limited third-party integrations - Unattended plans capped at 25 computers
VerdictConnectWise Control is a feature-rich remote desktop platform best suited for advanced users.Splashtop is easy to set up and use, and great for users who want unlimited remote sessions per technician.Zoho Assist is an affordable, if limited remote desktop platform that is best for small firms and individuals.
View dealsVisit siteVisit site (opens in new tab)Visit site

ConnectWise Control: Key features

ConnectWise Control offers two products—Access and Support. Access enables an unlimited number of users to connect to your machines, which is perfect if much of your workforce works from home. And while it doesn’t provide remote tech support features, the plan can be used for routine tech support tasks that involve most or all of your machines, such as software updates or uploading files to multiple machines at once.

The platform enables technicians to provide remote troubleshooting for your computers. Users with a Support license can provide all of the services that are done with an Access license, as well as live remote tech support with voice chat. This type of license is more expensive than an Access license, and should only be purchased for designated tech support personnel.

You can use ConnectWise Control Support to set up remote meetings with an unlimited number of attendees. All attendees can record video, take screenshots of the presenting screen, and communicate by voice or through the built-in chat. This feature can be used as part of the tech support process, for training, or as a platform to host company meetings. 

ConnectWise Control: Key features and highlights

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ConnectWise Control access screenshot

Use ConnectWise Control Access for unattended access, or to enable remote work for non-tech support users (Image credit: ConnectWise Control)
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ConnectWise Control Support screenshot

Use ConnectWise Control Support for live remote tech support sessions (Image credit: ConnectWise Control)
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ConnectWise Control remote meeting screenshot

Host remote meetings through ConnectWise Control for anything from one-on-one tech support sessions to companywide announcements (Image credit: ConnectWise Control)
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ConnectWise Control customer support webpage

Cutting-edge security protocols keep your session safe from prying eyes (Image credit: ConnectWise Control)
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ConnectWise Control integrations webpage

Customize your UI, modify the branding to match your own, then implement up to 100+ third-party integrations (Image credit: ConnectWise Control)

ConnectWise Control keeps a log of all activities taken on its platform and limits access to a need-to-use basis by role, thus reducing the chances of a security breach.

All users in your company will be given a role when they first join ConnectWise Control. This role will determine the level of access they have to the system. A regular user, for example, might only be able to accept invitations to tech support meetings; while a technician will have the ability to create meetings and unattended access to computers, along with other permissions.

ConnectWise Control’s activity log records every action taken by users, and stores these logs on its server for easy access by your network administrators. This means that every session is clearly logged and all activities recorded, allowing for easy tracking in the event of a suspected breach.

The service is also fully-customizable. The position of various menus, buttons, and windows on the screen can be changed, and you can even replace ConnectWise Control’s branding with that of your own organization.

Additionally, ConnectWise control comes with 100+ third-party integrations to further enhance your experience. Some notable examples include integration plugins for Freshdesk and Zendesk, and an extension from Passport Ocular, which further improves security during remote support sessions.

ConnectWise Control: What’s new in 2022?

ConnectWise Control’s newest features include the agent deployer and ConnectWise View. 

When you buy a ConnectWise Control Access plan, you need to install it on every computer that you plan to access remotely. This used to be a manual process, but the agent deployer allows you to automatically deploy ConnectWise Control Access to every Windows machine on your company network.

ConnectWise View is an innovative Support plan feature that lets support technicians access a user’s mobile phone camera. They can use this feature to perform visual inspections of an end user’s hardware, and detect problems directly rather than relying solely on the user’s description.

ConnectWise Control: Pricing

When it comes to ConnectWise Control's two separate pricing models, with Access, an unlimited number of people can access your computers remotely, but you must pay to add more computers. Monthly rates start at $38 for 25 computers, discounted to $30 monthly if you opt for an annual payment plan. Access plan users cannot perform remote tech support.

The Support plan features tiered pricing, with each plan unlocking more sessions per user and additional features. Pricing is per concurrent support session. Therefore, if you want to be able to run two remote support sessions at once, you would need to purchase two licenses. Every support tier has monthly and annual payment options, with annual plans discounted by 20% to 26% compared to monthly plans.

ConnectWise Control’s pricing plans
ConnectWise ControlAccessOneStandard**Premium**Splashtop SOS**Zoho Assist Standard**
Cost per month$38*$29$49$59$17***$12
Cost per year$30* (26% discount)$288 (21% discount)$468 (26% discount)$588 (20% discount)$119$120 (20% discount)
Number of remote sessions at one time, per personUnlimitedOneThree10UnlimitedTwo
Remote tech support
Voice chat
Report generator

*starting at
**per concurrent session
***billing is annual only

Testing ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is an advanced system with a broad range of features, but how easy is it to use? We tested this by setting up a remote session with ConnectWise Control Support.

How easy is it to start a ConnectWise Control remote Session?

Screenshot of ConnectWise Control free trial main page

ConnectWise Control is a powerful platform, but its interface is not for the faint-of-heart (Image credit: ConnectWise Control)

After creating an account with a username and password, we were redirected to ConnectWise Control’s main page. Here, we were able to create and name our support session. We were given a URL and code for our guest. After logging in from another device, we navigated to the URL in question, and typed in our code to join the session. We were then able to take control of the guest computer remotely.

Overall, it isn’t hard to start a ConnectWise Control remote session, and the system comes with detailed step-by-step instructions that you can easily consult if you’re unsure how to proceed.

While the process is straightforward, the interface was somewhat intimidating. ConnectWise Control is a powerful platform, and there’s a lot going on, so beginners will have a challenge on their hands.

Alternatives to ConnectWise Control

Zoho Assist and Splashtop offer remote desktop products similar to ConnectWise Control. 

Zoho has a near-identical set of features to ConnectWise, but its pricing structure is different. Zoho’s Professional Unattended Access product, which is largely equivalent to ConnectWise Access, is sold at a flat rate of $15. However, it is capped at 25 machines, while ConnectWise Control allows for over 2,500 machines.

Zoho’s remote support product is similar to ConnectWise Support, but is cheaper at $12 a month to ConnectWise’s $29 a month, and has fewer features. For example, while ConnectWise's lowest tier offers remote meetings, Zoho’s lowest paid tier does not. Zoho also offers a basic free support tier, although it's limited to one technician, and lacks file transfer, voice chat, and screen recording capabilities. 

Overall, if you require certain specific features, like meetings or a large number of simultaneous sessions, ConnectWise is the superior option. Otherwise, Zoho offers many of the same features for less than half the price.

Splashtop has a similar offering to ConnectWise, but is cheaper and missing some of the advanced communication features. For example, you cannot set up company meetings of unlimited size through Splashtop, only tech support sessions with a support person and an end-user. 

Splashtop also acks voice chat, remote meeting functionality, and reporting. However, its basic plan is only $17 a month compared to ConnectWise’s $24 a month. If you prioritize low cost over remote meetings and advanced reporting, Splashtop could be an affordable alternative.

ConnectWise Control’s features compared to the competition
ConnectWiseSplashtop BusinessZoho Assist
Remote tech support
Remote meetings✔ (with additional product)
SupportEmail and chatChat and phoneEmail and knowledge base
Basic plan$24 a month$17 a month$10 a month

ConnectWise Control: Final verdict

ConnectWise Control features impressive communication technologies that are not common for a remote desktop provider. Its integrated VoIP chat allows technicians and other users to communicate directly by voice, where text-based chat is the usual standard. 

ConnectWise View is an impressive feature as well, allowing technicians to use the end-user’s phone camera to directly view and troubleshoot damaged hardware.

In addition to these special features, ConnectWise Control offers fast and effective remote desktop connection services, with flexible payment options for customers who want to pay by the active technician or by machine. This means it can be used for both unattended access and live tech support with equal effectiveness.

All remote desktop products pose a potential security vulnerability because information has to travel from one person’s device, through ConnectWise’s servers, to another device and back. At any point during this journey, this potentially sensitive data is vulnerable. For this reason, ConnectWise Control features role-based access and detailed activity logging, which increases security.

In addition to its impressive feature set, ConnectWise Control is fully-customizable. Users can modify as much or as little as they want. You can do anything from rearranging a few menus to replacing the entire visual appearance of the program with something that is more in line with your brand.

Pricewise, ConnectWise Control is a little on the higher end of its market, but this is more than justified by the range of features it presents. If you’re looking for a secure remote desktop platform with above-average communication technologies built in, look no further than ConnectWise Control.

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The Verdict

out of 5

ConnectWise Control review

ConnectWise Control is one of the most advanced remote desktop platforms available. Priced at a premium, it comes with powerful security and communication features.

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