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CyberGhost VPN review

User-friendly VPN provider rich in features.

Our Verdict

CyberGhost has plenty of privacy-oriented features that promise uncompromising security. Although the performance isn’t ideal, the service itself can be used on a long list of platforms, as well as on seven devices at the same time. Add its Netflix-unblocking capabilities to the mix, and you get a decent VPN platform.


  • Affordable
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • NoSpy servers
  • Up to 7 simultaneous connections


  • Some performance issues
  • Only 1-day free trial for some platforms

A VPN service coming to us from Romania and Germany, CyberGhost covers the usual VPN features, with some unusual extras. The server number is very high - around 3,600 in more than 60 countries across the globe.

The provider supports the typical VPN use, such as for accessing services that are unavailable in certain regions, for example, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more. Native apps come with a list of streaming-friendly servers for relevant services that you can access from the interface.

Cyberghost also facilitates the secure sharing of large files via torrent clients. Just like with streaming, it has a list of servers ideal for torrenting. These servers can be added to your favorites, making the future server selection faster and more practical.

The clients have an optional data compression feature that compresses images and web content. There are also a few other extras, like blocking ads, malicious websites, and online tracking.

The provider also supports a high number of simultaneous connections - 7, which is more than enough to cover an entire household. If your demands are even higher, say if you run an office, then CyberGhost can be installed on certain routers. This increases the maximum number of simultaneously connected devices to unlimited. Before you opt out for this method, check the complete list of supported routers and how-to’s on CyberGhost’s website.

Plans and pricing

CyberGhost has four default pricing options. The 1-month plan costs €11.99, the 1-year plan is billed €5.29 per month, the 2- year plan costs €3.29 per month, while the 3-year subscription comes with a price of €2.45 per month.

Stick around for longer on the website or visit it a few times, and a special limited-time offer might pop-up. For instance, you might get a link redirecting you to a pricing page with potentially even more practical pricing options. There you will encounter a 6-month pricing plan with a price tag of €7.99 per month or even an 18-month option that costs €2.75.

For access to NoSpy system (better, faster, and even more secure servers in Romania), add €4.99 per month to the price. An additional dedicated IP will cost you €5 per month more.

The annual plans come with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee should the service prove unsatisfactory for you. The 1-month option, though, only has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

A free trial exists, but its duration depends on the platform. It ranges from 1-day on Android and Windows to 7-day on iOS.

Privacy and logging 

CyberGhost offers strong privacy protection through the list of the usual security features. Depending on the device, these include the typical protocols - OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2. The protocol selection is possible on all the provider’s clients except mobile.

A kill switch is another element providing more privacy. Specifically, the kill switch shuts down all internet traffic on your device in the event of a sudden VPN connection breakdown, unless you’re using Android or iOS protocols, that is. In that case, the newer Android devices have their own kill switch feature that is accessible through the devices’ settings while iOS users cannot take advantage of this feature at the moment.

Split tunneling on Android gives you the freedom to select which of the apps installed on your device will be directed through the VPN tunnel, and which you’d like to allow on your main internet connection.

CyberGhost provides a 256-bit encoding for the users’ connections inside the VPN network, protecting you from traffic sniffing, filtering, and blocking, like in Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). The provider also has the “Force HTTPS” function that helps you access websites automatically via HTTPS instead of the more vulnerable HTTP.

By default, CyberGhost protects you against IPv6 leaks, Port Forwarding, as well as DNS leaks.

As for more unusual features, CyberGhost has introduced NoSpy servers in Romania. Theoretically, these servers provide even more security as Romania is not part of any of the “prying eyes” alliances (5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes). The provider also claims the NoSpy servers deliver better performance in terms of speed and bandwidth.

The company states its policy is “the strongest observance of data protection and uncompromising protection of the user privacy”. When using its VPN services, CyberGhost will not monitor, record, log, or store the user’s traffic data including browsing history, traffic destination, data content, and search preferences. This policy sounds very strict although it is difficult to corroborate these no-logging claims without an independent audit.


CyberGhost provides solid performance that at times can be hindered by less-than-solid download speeds and connection times. In fact, connecting can occasionally take up to 30 seconds, which is quite a long time for most standards.

Client setup

The provider has clients available for a wide range of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and FireOS. Linux, routers, and other devices can be secured via creating a custom connection with OpenVPN, L2TP or IPSec. Chrome and Firefox add-ons can be found on their respective websites.


In addition to a large support section with articles covering most areas of its service, CyberGhost has excellent customer service available 24/7. Its helpful experts can be reached via live chat or email.

Final verdict

CyberGhost has all the ingredients for a perfect VPN service but with one flaw - its performance isn’t as good as many of its competitors. It does offer all the perks that the others have so you won’t end up disappointed if you need a way to access geo-restricted services, do some torrenting, or just surf under the VPN anonymity cloak on as many as 7 devices at the same time. It doesn’t offer lavish free trial options, but its 45-day money-back guarantee ensures you’ll have your refund if the service isn’t working.

Our score: 4/5

The Verdict


out of 5

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost has plenty of privacy-oriented features that promise uncompromising security. Although the performance isn’t ideal, the service itself can be used on a long list of platforms, as well as on seven devices at the same time. Add its Netflix-unblocking capabilities to the mix, and you get a decent VPN platform.