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Dell C1765nfw Colour MFP review


  • Compact device
  • Good graphics output quality
  • USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity


  • Lacks auto-duplexer
  • Slightly below-par text
  • A little slow for an MFP of its price

The Dell C1765nfw Colour Multifunction Printer is a compact MFP suitable for a micro or home office which retails at £240. It's even small enough to serve as a personal printer in any size office. During our testing, its overall output quality proved a bit above par, with graphics quality being particularly good, but it was a little bit sluggish for an MFP of its price.

The C1765nfw's print engine is LED based, using light emitting diodes rather than lasers as its light source. LED printers, though, share many of the characteristics of lasers and are considered laser class. They tend to be smaller than true lasers, however, and the C1765nfw is no exception. It measures 410 x 380 x 340mm (WxDxH), very compact for an MFP, and it weighs 15.5kg. You may well feel comfortable sharing a desk with it, depending on the size of your desk and your overall space needs.

You can scan to email, to a USB flash drive, to an application or to a network folder. You can fax either from the C1765nfw's keypad or from your computer (PC Fax). On top of the device is a 15-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF), which lets you copy, scan, and fax multipage documents unattended.

The C1765nfw's paper capacity is 150 sheets, plus a 10-sheet bypass tray so you can easily switch to alternate paper stock. That's suitable for lighter-duty micro or home office work, or for use as a personal printer. The C1765nfw lacks an auto-duplexer for printing on both sides of a sheet of paper.

For printing from mobile devices, this MFP is compatible with the recently introduced Dell Mobile Print for Android, and will also work with the iOS version of the app when it's released in January 2013.

The C1765nfw offers USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. I tested it over a wired network with the printer's driver installed on a PC running Windows Vista.

Printing speed

I timed the C1765nfw on our business applications suite (using QualityLogic's hardware and software for timing) at an effective 3.5 pages per minute (ppm), in line with its rated speed of 12 page per minute for monochrome and 15 pages per minute for colour printing (which is based on printing text documents without graphics or photos – our test suite includes text pages, graphics pages, and pages with mixed content).

That's slower than the single-function Dell C1760nw, which has the same rated speeds for both monochrome and colour printing. That's not unusual, as an MFP may spend time and processing power monitoring other functions while printing. However, the Dell 1355cnw Multifunction Colour Printer, which again had the same rated speeds, was also faster than the C1765nfw at 4.5 ppm. As another point of comparison, the similarly priced Ricoh Aficio SP C240SF, rated at 15 ppm for both colour and monochrome printing, zipped through our business suite at an effective 6.3 ppm.

Output quality

Overall output quality was a little bit better than average for a colour laser-class printer, with slightly below-par text, above-par graphics, and average photo quality. Text was still suitable for typical business use, though I'd hesitate to use it for marketing materials, and wouldn't use it for anything requiring very small fonts, such as some desktop publishing applications.

Graphics quality is fine for PowerPoint hand-outs, even those going to people you're seeking to impress, and good enough for use in basic marketing materials. Depending on how picky you are, you may find photo quality suitable for use in a company newsletter.

This device’s running cost of 3.5 cents (2.2 pence) per monochrome page and 18.5 cents (11.5 pence) per colour page are typical of an MFP in its price range, and the same as the Dell 1355cnw. The Ricoh SP C240SF offers slightly lower per-page costs, at 2.7 cents (1.7 pence) for monochrome and 16.7 cents (10.3 pence) for colour.

In addition to better speed and lower running costs, the Ricoh SP C240SF offers better standard (250-sheet) paper capacity plus an optional 500-sheet second tray. The Ricoh does have some wonky issues, though, like a PC Fax driver that doesn't install by default.


The Dell C1765nfw Colour Multifunction Printer is a compact, capable LED-based multifunction printer that boasts good output quality, especially for graphics, but is a little sluggish for its price. There are alternatives in this price range, such as the Ricoh SP C240SF, which offers a faster speed and lower running costs, along with a better paper capacity.


Manufacturer and Product

Dell C1765nfw Colour MFP

Direct Printing from Cameras


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Rated Speed at Default Settings (Mono)




Rated Speed at Default Settings (Color)


Color or Monochrome

1-pass colour

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USB, Ethernet, Wireless