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BlackBerry Bold 9000 review

The Bold 9000 launched in 2008. Great value and still a popular choice the price has been pushed down by availability of new models. Running BB OS 4.6 the Bold marked a move for BlackBerry to sexed-up icons and a more consumer interface feel. Previous icons looked a bit twee, now the Bold themes are much more 21st Century.

Before power-up the QWERTY keypad dominates look and feel. Featuring raised edge keys and thin metal dividing strips it makes typing a pleasure, better than the more cramped Bold 2. Turn on and the eye is delighted by the clear and sharp 2.6 inch HVGA display. At 480 x 320 resolution it sparkles and is clearer than many larger models.

Push email function remain the killer app. Ease of use and multiple address compatibility allow BB to still holds the cards here. Quad-band and the first HSDPA phone from RIM, with a 600MHz processor the browsing experience is fast and smooth. GPS allows use of pre-installed BlackBerry maps. Also Wi-Fi enabled with a generous 1GB available for storage, the unit fits MicroSD expansion.

The 2MP camera is a throw-away nod to having one onboard and snaps distinctly low-end pics. A shame with such a brilliant display. The faux-leather back is a love it or hate it feature but does mark the Bold as different. As with most smartphones, battery claims are a tad optimistic and a daily charge is usually the norm.

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