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HTC Explorer quick review

HTC has come up with another budget Android smartphone in the shape of the HTC Explorer. It's a small handset with a rubberised back - perhaps well suited to younger users who don't always take as much care of their phones as they should. But at a price under £150, can it really deliver? Small and sturdy

There's a definite no-nonsense appeal to the build of the HTC Explorer. Black chassis, rounded corners, four touch buttons beneath the screen. That rubberised back also helps with grip. We have two general issues with the build. The first is that the handset is a bit on the thick side at 12.9mm. We don't see many handsets that thick these days, and when it's otherwise so small - 102.8 x 57.2mm - the thickness really stands out. This isn't a very big deal, but it is noticeable.


The HTC Explorer is a little on the chunky side, but solidly built. It's quite small and not best suited to web browsing or text entry, and its camera isn't great. Still, it is attractively priced, and younger users or those who don't need to push their smartphones hard might find it appealing.

Best point: Attractive price; solid build

Worst point: Hard to remove backplate; short on internal storage; so-so camera; no Flash support

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