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HTC Hero Review

At 135 grams the Hero sits comfortably in one hand and feels thinner that it is, with bevelled design. Stylish and severe in construction, dumping the plastic feel of its predecessors for a solid metal fronting, the Hero levels the playing field against HTC's high-end competition.

The gorgeous 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen displays in 320 x 480 HVGA. HTC has done remarkable work on its Sense interface that pays off. Users are put firmly in command, able to customise and resize widgets and applications with acres of room across seven pages. Glide around and enjoying the experience with fingertip taps and pinches, and minimal button pressing. Not preloaded with social applications, pick and choose what's needed and grab it (mostly free) with fast HSDPA access to Android Market.

Gripes. I dislike touchscreen keypads, though I was helped here by well designed predictive text assistance. And my reasonable use of the phone still needed it charging up every other day. 3G access and updates suck the power from any phone battery.

Everything else you'd expect is here. A 3.5mm jack plus HTC's own ExtUSB audio/USB port, a 5 MP autofocus camera giving clear video capture. Medium memory, 288MB expandable to 32GB with microSD cards.

A delight that rewards you for taking time to customise.

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