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HTC Sensational XL quick review

HTC has been pumping out the handsets recently, and the Sensation XL has a couple of things that make it a bit different. It has a vast screen, no memory expansion and Beats Audio.

The HTC Sensation XL is a big handset with a large screen. The front is a nice shiny white, the backplate a good looking aluminium that's somewhat slippery in the hand. You're going to need big hands to reach right across the 4.7 inch screen, but in compensation its 480 x 800 pixels are sharp, bright and clear - perfect for video viewing and reading web pages.

It all looks rather familiar, though, and it is. The HTC Sensation XL is a very close relation to the Windows Phone toting HTC Titan with which it shares not only the basic chassis design but also a few specifications.


It is hard not to like the HTC Sensation XL for its big bright screen, great music performance and fast processor. But it is big for the hand and pocket and the absence of microSD expansion is a crime.

Our rating: 4/5

Best point: Good screen; great headphones; fast processor

Worst point: No memory expansion

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Rob Kerr is a journalist with more than 14 years experience of news, reviews and feature writing on titles such as Wired, PC Magazine, The Register, The Inquirer, Pocket-Lint, Mobile Industry Review, Know Your Mobile and The Gadget Show. The mobile phone world is his real passion and forte, having owned a handset as far back as 1994 where he has seen them grow from just a business tool to a necessity in everyone’s everyday life.