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Huawei U7510 review

After bringing us Dongles, this is the first phone I've seen from Huawei. The U7510 is a compact and lightweight mobile, following the portrait design and build of more expensive rivals. A budget-end touchscreen that delivers a solid 3G web and social networking experience.

Extremely light at 56g and weighing less than half an iPhone, you may forget you're carrying it. The 2.8" touchscreen displays 240x320 pixels in satisfactory quality, but typing longer messages or emails becomes very fiddly. This device is all about short, sharp status updates and instant gratification. Smells like teen spirit?

Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, YouTube, and IM chat services can all be accessed by the home screen widget bar. You can't customise it much, but what else is there? 100MB of onboard storage will be ok for most users, if you have no other music player, then going up to 8GB via microSD is available. The camera is a very basic 2MP, but it can capture reasonable video, and is simple to use.

A basic touchscreen in the preferred design. Maybe not for me, the proposition will appeal to people on a restrictive budget, or perhaps those looking to replace non-warranty breakages at a bargain price. A choice for Teens and upwards to demonstrate they can be responsible with a phone, before gravitating next time to something more expensive with more frills.

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