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Nokia E72 Review

The sequel to Nokia's best selling E71, the E72 begins life with a secured following. Visually similar, pimped with a bit more chrome and a sleeker finish, you have to look inside to fully appreciate it's beefier than it's younger brother.

Running Symbian and powered by a 600 MHz processor, the first improvement is in speed. Menus are instant and applications load swiftly. The 2.4 inch QVGA screen is glass-fronted and displays 320 v 240 resolution. Default colour and styling imply work, not play.

Placed mid-range for media with a 5 MP LED flash camera, video editing, music player and a 3.5mm jack. 250MB user space, a 4GB microSD card can be Expanded 16GB. 3G access via HSDPA is great, max speed 10.2 Mbps future-proofing the phone, as the fastest advertised UK carrier speed is 7.2 Mbps.

The strength of the E-Series remains the full featured 39 key, sculpted, QWERTY keypad. It gives tactile, responsive, comfortable and most importantly accurate input. I'm was tempted by touchscreen, but Nokia prove to me here that keypads remain the one true path.

Battery life is excellent. I've gathered lots of user data and the average is around 5 days from a full tank. A hefty punch to other smartphones, a knockout if you're away from charger access for long.

If messaging, battery life and the E-series brand are your priorities, this is an excellent choice. It might not score highly with new users hungry for personalisation and download options.

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