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SlimClip iPhone Case review


  • Smart design
  • Case fits snugly
  • Nicely lightweight

When I go for runs, my iPhone always comes with me, providing music and motivation through apps like Zombies, Run! Usually I just jam the device in my pocket, but that's not always possible, or practical. There are other ways to carry your phone with you, including using armbands, but SlimClip offers an alternative option.

The plastic case has a thin flap on the back. You lift this up to slide the iPhone into the enclosure, and the flap doubles as a clip so you can attach the device to your waistband. It's a simple but very clever idea that works well.

I've been protecting my phone with the Kloqe, so to switch from an all-aluminium case to a plastic one feels like a backward step, and certainly when you first remove the case from the box it does feel a bit cheap in your hands. That said, once the phone is in place the case looks good and fits snugly, with holes for the camera, ringer toggle and speaker, microphone, charger and headphone socket. There are buttons for power and volume built into the SlimClip.

The phone clips on upside down, so the headphone socket faces up, making it ideal for listening to music while exercising, or on the move.

SlimClip adds very little bulk to the phone (you won't look like a security guard with it on your hip), and clips on tightly so there's no danger of it coming loose while jogging.

I would prefer it if there was a way of locking the flap flat when not in use - shove the phone in your pocket upside down and things like coins end up under the flap - but that's a small niggle (and easily solved with a piece of tape if it becomes a problem).


This neat case is available in a choice of colours - black, white, red, grey, blue, yellow and orange. Priced at $40 (£24) plus taxes and shipping, this is a smart little iPhone accessory which fitness fanatics will certainly appreciate.