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OneDrive for Business cloud storage review

Basic, beginner-friendly cloud storage solutions

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Our Verdict

OneDrive for Business is an excellent cloud storage option that’s backed by great upload and download speeds, a user-friendly interface, and integrations with numerous other Microsoft apps.


  • Fast file uploads and downloads
  • Backed by the power of the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Very user-friendly web interface


  • Average security tools
  • Customer support is average at best

In our OneDrive for Business review, you will see that this Microsoft app is one of the best cloud storage platforms around. It offers streamlined solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and it’s very easy to use.

OneDrive for Business review: Snapshot

Microsoft’s proprietary cloud storage platform, OneDrive, offers a selection of business solutions. Its plans are quite affordable, and some subscription options are paired with a range of other Microsoft apps. 

OneDrive for Business is very user-friendly. There aren’t loads of advanced features, and security is lacking, but the things that are there work well. For example, you will benefit from file-sharing tools, the ability to assign user permissions, and fast uploads. These enable it to compete with the best cloud storage for business.

OneDrive for Business is an excellent option for those looking for a streamlined cloud storage solution, and it’s especially useful for those who already use Microsoft apps. However, you might want to look at an alternative such as pCloud or IDrive if you need more advanced security or management tools. 

Score: 4/5

Read on for our full and detailed OneDrive for Business review.

OneDrive for Business’s competitors

How does OneDrive for Business compare to its main competitors?
OneDrive for BusinesspCloudIDrive
Pros- Fast file uploads and downloads - Backed by the power of the Microsoft ecosystem - User-friendly web interface- Generous free storage - Built-in file sharing tools - Excellent upload and download speeds- Great cross-platform compatibility - Excellent file versioning tools - Can be used with unlimited devices
Cons- Average security tools - Customer support is average at best- Customer service could be better - Collaboration tools are lacking- Upload and download can be slow - User interface is a little outdated
VerdictOneDrive for Business is an excellent cloud storage option that’s backed by great upload and download speeds, a user-friendly interface, and integrations with numerous other Microsoft apps.pCloud offers excellent cloud storage solutions with excellent performance, security, and backup tools, but the lack of collaboration features will concern some users.IDrive is one of the best cloud storage platforms on the market, and it offers advanced solutions for businesses of all sizes.
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OneDrive for Business: Key features

OneDrive for Business is an excellent cloud storage option, and it’s backed by a suite of robust features. It’s easy to use, and you simply need to specify which files you want to back up. Automatic syncing is available, and you can access your files from almost any device with an internet connection. 

To locate your cloud storage dashboard, you will need to log in to your Microsoft account. There’s a load of tools for managing your subscription, users, and general settings in the admin center. You can also split different users into groups for more streamlined management. 

Various access permissions can be assigned, ensuring team members can only view the files and information that you want them to. Adding a new group is very straightforward, and there’s a Microsoft Teams integration for those who need better collaboration tools. 

The OneDrive web interface can be launched from your main admin panel. It’s quite simple and intuitive, and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the hang of it. You can drag and drop files to your web interface, or you can drop them in the OneDrive desktop folder for automatic upload. 

OneDrive for Business: Key features and highlights

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OneDrive for Business

OneDrive offers excellent group management tools, enabling you to create working groups within your organization (Image credit: OneDrive for Business)
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OneDrive for Business

The OneDrive for Business web dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use (Image credit: OneDrive for Business)
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OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business comes with a number of different file and folder sharing options (Image credit: OneDrive for Business)
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OneDrive for Business

OneDrive enables you to restore files or folders that are accidentally deleted (Image credit: OneDrive for Business)
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OneDrive for Business

OneDrive integrates with numerous apps from the Microsoft ecosystem (Image credit: OneDrive for Business)

Another thing we liked was OneDrive’s file-sharing tools. There are two ways to share your stored files. First, you can use the copy link tool to share files with larger groups of people. You can set permissions to either view or edit. But anyone with the link can use this tool, so privacy is limited. 

You can also share directly with specific people. This is done by adding people’s email addresses or names to the shared with list for a file or folder. Permissions can be added here as well, giving people the ability to either view or edit files.

On top of this, the OneDrive recycle bin provides a layer of security against accidentally deleting files. You can view deleted files and restore them if you need to, and there’s a second-stage recycle bin for even more protection. 

Last but not least, OneDrive for Business is integrated with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem. This makes it particularly useful for businesses that work with apps like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. You will find loads of built-in tools to help you use the separate apps in conjunction with each other.

Overall, OneDrive’s features are decent without standing out as excellent. It doesn’t offer whole-device or operating system backups, and advanced business and security tools are lacking.

OneDrive for Business: What’s new in 2022?

OneDrive lagged behind the competition when it was first released, with basic features that didn’t compare to the likes of Google Drive or Dropbox. However, the Microsoft team has been working hard behind the scenes, regularly releasing new versions with added features and nifty new tools. 

For example, there have been regular releases over the past few months focusing on performance and reliability-related features. These are great to see, as it shows evidence that the team is continuing to strive for excellence. Many updates also add new features, such as various notification popups and in-browser viewing for new file types.

OneDrive for Business: Pricing

There are four OneDrive for Business subscription options. The cheapest OneDrive for Business plan starts at $5 per user a month for up to 1TB of storage per user. The high-end OneDrive for Business plan costs $10 per user a month, and adds unlimited storage and a selection of security and compliance tools. 

Alternatively, you can access 1TB of storage per user with a Microsoft 365 Business subscription. The cheaper Basic plan costs $5 per user a month for a selection of basic Microsoft apps. The more expensive Standard plan, which costs $12.50 a month, adds a selection of more advanced apps. 

Note that you will have to pay for a year up-front with all subscriptions. There’s also a one-month free trial available with the Microsoft 365 Business plans.

OneDrive for Business’s pricing plans
Plan type/featureOneDrive for Business (Plan 1)OneDrive for Business (Plan 2)Microsoft 365 Business BasicMicrosoft 365 Business StandardpCloud - basic planIDrive - basic plan
Cost per month$5$10$5$12.50$4.99$5.79
Cost per year$60$120$60$150$49.99 (Save 17%)$79.50
Unlimited storageX
File sharing
Office web apps
Office desktop apps

Testing OneDrive for Business

In order to see how easy it is to use OneDrive for Business compared to its competitors, we created an account and tested the file upload interface.

How fast is OneDrive for Business?

Screenshot of the OneDrive upload folder

You can upload files by dropping them in the OneDrive upload folder on your desktop (Image credit: OneDrive)

Upload and download speeds are very important in the world of cloud storage, as they can be limiting factors for those working with large files. We tested OneDrive’s speeds with a 660MB generic media file, and it performed quite well. 

It took almost exactly six minutes to upload this file, which gives an average speed of 1.8MB per second. This was with a relatively slow internet connection uploading and downloading at 15 and 22Mbps respectively, and our upload speed was likely limited by our network speed. 

However, downloading the same file was a different story. It took over 10 minutes to download, which suggests that OneDrive’s servers aren’t as fast as they could be. However, the average download speed was still around 1MB per second, which is decent.

Alternatives to OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is an excellent cloud storage option, but there are several alternatives worth considering. For example, IDrive and pCloud both offer advanced cloud storage and backup solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

IDrive stands out as an excellent option for advanced users. Its main interface is a little outdated, but it’s highly functional and easy to use. Like OneDrive, it offers great file-sharing tools. It also comes with excellent automatic backup features that can be used for servers, databases, entire devices, and more. 

However, IDrive can be a little slow, so it’s not the best option for those looking for rapid upload and download speeds. But it is affordable, and even the cheapest plan comes with generous storage. Customer support is also excellent, especially when compared to OneDrive’s substandard service.

Another popular alternative is pCloud, which is known for its excellent security tools and high speeds. Its advanced cloud backup scheduler enables you to fine-tune your automatic backups. You can select exactly what files and/or folders you want to back up and when you want it to be done. 

Like OneDrive, pCloud offers substandard customer service. However, its email support team is helpful and responsive, which is nice to see. pCloud is also affordable, and its user interface is one of the best we’ve seen. There’s even a 10GB free-forever plan that you can use to test it.

OneDrive for Business’s features compared to the competition
OneDrive for BusinesspCloudIDrive
Unlimited storage✔ (with upgrade)
Collaboration tools
SupportPhone callback, emailEmail24-hour live chat, email, phone
Basic plan$5 a month$4.99 a month$5.79 a month

OneDrive for Business: Final verdict

OneDrive for Business stands out as a leading cloud storage option. It’s affordable, easy to use, and backed by the power of the Microsoft ecosystem. On top of this, it boasts decent upload and download speeds, and there are loads of collaboration tools. 

However, OneDrive is far from the most powerful cloud storage platform we’ve used. It comes with the expected features, including file sharing, streamlined file management, and a simple desktop app. But advanced security and management tools are lacking, and large businesses may find that it’s just not powerful enough for their needs. 

One thing that did stand out was how easy OneDrive for Business’s interface was to get the hang of. It’s super-intuitive, and both the web dashboard and the desktop app are functional and easy to navigate. 

Since OneDrive is a Microsoft product, we expect it to continue developing and becoming more powerful as time passes. Its download speeds were slightly concerning, but the upload speeds were excellent. 

Overall, we’d recommend OneDrive for Business for anyone looking for a basic, user-friendly cloud storage platform.

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The Verdict

out of 5

OneDrive for Business cloud storage review

OneDrive for Business is an excellent cloud storage option that’s backed by great upload and download speeds, a user-friendly interface, and integrations with numerous other Microsoft apps.

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