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RemotePC review

A budget option or an affordable powerhouse?

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Our Verdict

RemotePC is one of the most affordable remote desktop programs on the market, but you shouldn’t let it’s low prices fool you—it’s packed with advanced features and is among the best options available.


  • Very competitively priced
  • Simple setup for those with limited skills
  • A great selection of built-in tools


  • Limited tools for larger businesses
  • Mobile apps are a little confusing to use
  • No monthly billing options

As our RemotePC review shows, this solution from IDrive is hands-down one of the best remote desktop software programs on the market. It’s super affordable, and it enables both unattended and attended access across a range of devices.

RemotePC review: Snapshot

With its super-low prices, you would be forgiven for thinking that RemotePC is a basic remote desktop program that’s not comparable to the industry leaders. But in fact, it’s one of the best platforms we’ve used, and it’s excellent for connecting computers, mobile devices, and larger business networks. 

One thing we loved about RemotePC—apart from its super low prices, of course—was its useability. Downloading and setting it up takes no more than a few minutes, and you don’t need any special knowledge. There’s also a load of great features, as well as HelpDesk software with the high-end plans. 

Stacked up against its main competitors, RemotePC is generally much more affordable. It does lack some features for large businesses, but there’s little else left wanting. 

Overall, we’d suggest using RemotePC if you’re looking for an easy-to-use remote desktop program that won’t take a large chunk of your budget. 

Score: 4.5/5

Read on for our full RemotePC review.

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RemotePC’s competitors

How does RemotePC compare to its main competitors?
Pros- Very competitively priced - Simple setup for those with limited skills - Great selection of built-in tools- Excellent cross-platform support - Affordable - Unattended access and remote support- Built-in live chat and video conferencing - Straightforward deployment for large businesses - Advanced security across the board
Cons- Limited tools for larger businesses - Mobile apps are a little confusing to use - No monthly billing options- Not great for large teams - Mobile apps can be confusing- Expensive - Security features can be confusing
VerdictRemotePC is one of the most affordable remote desktop programs on the market, but you shouldn’t let its low prices fool you—it’s packed with advanced features and is among the best out thereAnyDesk is a very competitively priced remote desktop program that’s best for individuals and small business users.TeamViewer is an excellent remote desktop platform for businesses of all sizes, and it offers advanced security, file sharing, and more.
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RemotePC: Key features

RemotePC offers a selection of features targeted at both unattended and attended remote access. 

Unattended remote access

For one, RemotePC enables streamlined remote access. Setting up a remote computer is as simple as downloading the desktop app and entering login credentials. Then, you can access it from any device with an internet connection through your web dashboard. This is excellent for creating remote access to work computers, for example. 

Communication tools

RemotePC comes with loads of communication and collaboration tools. For example, there’s a built-in live chat box and an integrated whiteboard. You will also have access to Meeting, RemotePC’s native video conferencing program. 

RemotePC: Key features and highlights

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RemotePC enables streamlined unattended access (Image credit: RemotePC)
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RemotePC offers advanced communication tools through its native Meeting app (Image credit: RemotePC)
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RemotePC enables you to add collaborators and other users to your account (Image credit: RemotePC)
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RemotePC offers advanced HelpDesk tools with its high-end plans (Image credit: RemotePC)
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RemotePC is available across iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices (Image credit: RemotePC)

User management

RemotePC enables you to add other users to your account from your main web dashboard. Simply head to the Users tab, and you will see an option to invite people via email. You can create groups, add multiple users via CSV, and implement additional security measures such as 2FA. 


RemotePC’s HelpDesk tool is excellent for those who need to provide regular customer support. It comes with a load of tools to help you take care of support tickets, including a centralized administration portal. Here, you can manage technicians, view the status of current requests, and view statistics. Note, though, that HelpDesk features are only available with the high-end Team and Enterprise plans. 

Cross-platform compatibility

Another thing we appreciated about RemotePC was its cross-platform compatibility. The mobile apps are a little difficult to use, but they do enable you to access and view remote computers on both Android and iOS devices. The program can also be used on Linux, Mac, and Windows computers.

RemotePC: What’s new in 2022?

RemotePC regularly provides software updates. These tend to focus on minor bug fixes, but more detailed updates are released from time to time. For example, the most recent major update in January added the ability to connect multiple users to the same computer. 

An update in November last year added an integrated performance viewer, and an October release added cloud storage for specific users.

RemotePC: Pricing

RemotePC is available with five subscription options. Prices range from $39.50 to $599.50 a year, and a 25% discount is available with your first subscription term. Only annual and biannual subscriptions are available. 

The three cheapest plans are quite basic, with support for two, five, and 10 computers respectively. The base Team and Enterprise plans support 50 and 100 computers respectively, but more can be added for an extra fee. The high-end plans also include on-demand remote support tools, along with various other advanced features. 

There’s also a seven-day free trial available with the Team and Enterprise plans.

RemotePC’s pricing plans
Plan type/featureConsumerSOHOSOHOTeamEnterpriseAnyDesk - Basic planTeamViewer - Basic plan
Cost per month$3.29$4.96$6.63$24.96$49.96$9.90$50.90
Cost per year$39.50$59.50$79.50$299.50$599.50$118.80$610.80
File transfer
Computers supportedTwoFive1050+100+One200
User profiles

Testing RemotePC

To test RemotePC, we downloaded it on a Windows computer and explored its functionality by connecting to other devices. After all, the best remote desktop programs should be easy to use and highly functional.

How easy is RemotePC to use?

Screenshot of the RemotePC web dashboard

RemotePC has excellent web, desktop, and mobile apps (Image credit: RemotePC)

Overall, we were super impressed with RemotePC’s useability. It’s both intuitive and highly functional. Downloading and installing the desktop app took no more than a minute, and it’s very well designed. 

For starters, you can add computers for what’s known as always-on remote access. To set this up, we simply logged into our second test device, downloaded the app again, and entered a few details about the configuration we required. Then, we could access it in seconds from our main device. 

We also loved the attended access feature, which enables you to log into a device that doesn’t generally use RemotePC. The built-in email invitation button was very useful, and you will simply need to enter the relevant code to access the device.

The web interface is just as attractive. On it, you will find a list of all your connected devices. You can access remote PCs or mobile devices, and you can even enter an attended access session. There’s also a neat Users portal where you can manage user permissions and access. 

The HelpDesk software that comes with the two high-end plans is a little simple but work well. It’s accessible from your web dashboard, and it basically enables you to manage and attend to customer queries.

The mobile apps, however, weren’t as useful as the entire computer screen was shrunk down to the size of a smartphone screen. You won’t get high volumes of work done on them as a result.

Alternatives to RemotePC

RemotePC is an excellent remote desktop program that’s best for those looking for a simple solution that won’t hurt their budget too much. One great alternative is TeamViewer, which is better suited to larger businesses and companies. 

However, TeamViewer’s prices are on the steep side. Even the simplest single-user plan starts at $50.90 a month—over 15 times the price of RemotePC’s cheapest option, which comes in at a low $3.29 a month. However, even this cheapest plan supports 200 device connections, which is more than the 100 supported by RemotePC’s base Enterprise plan. 

On top of this, TeamViewer comes with loads of features for large teams. For example, streamlined mass deployment enables you to install the appropriate software on large networks with a minimum amount of fuss. Other standout features include a built-in command line interface and cross-platform access. There are also a wide range of TeamViewer alternatives available on the market.

Another popular alternative is AnyDesk, which is also a very cost-effective option. Its prices start at $9.90 a month, which is still triple the cost of RemotePC’s cheapest plan. But it does provide streamlined remote connections, and it’s a great option for small businesses. 

On the downside, AnyDesk only has email support, and there are no video conferencing tools. But it’s very user-friendly, and the desktop app is tidy and intuitive. The built-in whiteboard is great for collaboration between team members. While we’d recommend RemotePC over AnyDesk for most cases, we’d suggest testing it out before settling on a platform.

RemotePC’s features compared to the competition
Video conferencing
File transfer and sync
SupportBusiness hours phone, email, online ticketing, 24/7 live chatEmailPhone and email
Basic plan$3.29 a month$9.90 a month$50.90 a month

RemotePC: Final verdict

RemotePC is one of the best remote desktop programs we’ve used. It’s an excellent option for anyone on a tight budget, and it comes with a load of excellent tools for larger businesses as well. 

As a pure remote desktop program, it enables streamlined unattended access for multiple computers. The exact number will depend on your plan. On top of this, its attended access is very easy to set up, and advanced HelpDesk software is available with the most advanced plans. 

RemotePC also comes with impressive collaboration tools, including built-in live chat and an interactive whiteboard. Video and audio conferencing is also available through RemotePC’s Meeting app. 

Another thing we liked was RemotePC’s cross-platform compatibility. It can be used with most Windows, Mac, and Linux devics, while the iOS and Android apps enable you to access unattended computers from your mobile device.  

The web interface is also very easy to use, and there’s a selection of plans for businesses of all sizes. There’s little not to like, and we’d recommend RemotePC for anyone looking for a reliable, affordable remote desktop or attended access program.

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The Verdict

out of 5

RemotePC review

RemotePC is one of the most affordable remote desktop programs on the market, but you shouldn’t let it’s low prices fool you—it’s packed with advanced features and is among the best options available.

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