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Tresorit review

Pricey cloud storage with the security of a Swiss vault

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Our Verdict

Tresorit offers excellent security, especially around sharing files. However, the platform requires you to reorganize your files and the price is hard to justify.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Tight control over file sharing
  • Unlimited file versioning


  • Very expensive plans
  • No built-in office or media tools

Tresorit is a Switzerland-based cloud storage provider that offers the digital equivalent of secure Swiss vaults for your data. This platform comes with end-to-end file encryption and unlimited file versioning to keep your files safe. On top of that, Tresorit is simple to use and offers versatile options for file sharing.

However, Tresorit doesn’t make team collaboration particularly easy since that would compromise its security. In addition, cloud storage space with this platform is very expensive compared to competitors.

So, is Tresorit right for you? Let’s dive into our full review of this cloud storage provider to find out.

Tresorit review

Tresorit is a Swiss cloud storage provider with a focus on security.  (Image credit: Tresorit)

Tresorit features 

Tresorit doesn’t offer a huge diversity of features compared to some other cloud storage providers. For example, there is no built-in office suite or multimedia viewer, which makes accessing your files without downloading them somewhat difficult. 

That said, Tresorit goes above and beyond nearly every competitor when it comes to file versioning. By default, the platform saves every version of a file in your cloud space during the sync process. If you’re worried about losing track of changes during a collaborative project or succumbing to a malware attack, this can be a huge advantage⁠—earlier versions of your files will be available in the cloud until you decide to delete them.

Of course, you don’t have to clog up your storage space with old file versions. Tresorit enables you to customize version retention limits based on file type.

Tresorit also does a nice job with file sharing. You can add passwords, expiration dates, and download limits to every sharing link you create. You also have the option to set link permissions, so that, for example, recipients may be able to edit files but not re-share them. You can keep track of all your shared links through a simple sharing panel in the Tresorit dashboard.

Tresorit review

Tresorit enables you to tightly control file sharing links.  (Image credit: Tresorit)

Tresorit interface 

Tresorit offers desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a web app that can be accessed anywhere. No matter what platform you use to approach your cloud account, the user interface is streamlined and straightforward to navigate. We particularly liked the mobile apps, since they give you the ability to automatically upload photos and videos from your device to your cloud account.

One of the things that is unique about Tresorit is the way it handles file organization. You can’t simply drag-and-drop files into a sync directory on your desktop, like you can with most other backup and sync software. Instead, you have to first create one or more tresors (German for vaults).

Tresorit review

Tresorit requires you to create tresors rather than enabling you to back up your existing file structure to the cloud.  (Image credit: Tresorit)

We weren’t a huge fan of the tresor approach, since it makes it more difficult if you just want to back up the existing file structure on your computer. But, this system does have some merits. You can customize your sync, file versioning, and sharing settings for every tresor for more granular control over your cloud storage. In addition, you can create ad hoc tresors for specific projects. This can come in handy if you want to put shared files on the cloud, for example, but keep private content on your computer only.

Tresorit security 

Arguably the biggest advantage that Tresorit has is its security system. By default, all transfer to and from your cloud account uses zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption. That means that files are encrypted before they ever leave your computer and only you—not Tresorit—have the encryption key. This makes it virtually impossible for your files to be accessed even if they’re intercepted during upload or download.

Tresorit also has a few other important security tricks up its sleeve. You are encouraged to turn on two-factor authentication to protect your online account, for example. Every tresor comes with an activity log, so you can see who has accessed it and when. Plus, you can remotely wipe all data from the Tresorit app on a specific device if it is ever lost or stolen.

Tresorit review

Every tresor comes with an activity log for security monitoring.   (Image credit: Tresorit)

Tresorit pricing 

Unfortunately, Tresorit is one the pricier cloud storage options on the market. A free plan is available that gives you 3GB of cloud storage for a max of 2 devices. The 500 GB plan costs a whopping $10.42 per month, and that doesn’t come with unlimited file versioning or all link sharing features. To unlock all of Tresorit’s features, you’ll need a 2.5 TB storage plan for $24 per month. 

Tresorit review

Individual pricing options for Tresorit.  (Image credit: Tresorit)

Business plans require a minimum of three users and start at $20 per user per month for just 1 TB of storage per user. If you have 10 or more users, the price drops to $12 per user per month. 

Tresorit verdict 

While there are plenty of things to like about Tresorit, we wouldn’t recommend this cloud storage provider over other options. The emphasis on security is excellent, but several other cloud storage services such as pCloud and MEGA offer zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption at lower price points.

In addition, we’re not particularly thrilled about the need to create tresors. At best, this leads to a mirror image of our current file structure. At worst, we could end up with an entirely new file directory that doesn’t match what’s on our computer.

We might be more willing to recommend Tresorit if the price wasn’t so high. But as it stands, this cloud storage provider cost more than double what many of its competitors are charging.

  • Note: We've been contacted by Tresorit and told that it is possible to upload an existing folder structure to Tresorit.
The Verdict

out of 5

Tresorit review

Tresorit offers excellent security, especially around sharing files. However, the platform requires you to reorganize your files and the price is hard to justify.