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Tresorit cloud storage review

Highly secure cloud-based data management system

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Our Verdict

Tresorit is a great platform if you want a secure and foolproof way of storing sensitive data. However, the lack of proper collaboration features combined with painfully slow upload speeds makes it difficult to fully recommend.


  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Encrypted file sharing


  • Expensive platform
  • Slow upload speeds

Tresorit (opens in new tab) is a highly secure provider of cloud-based file storage and management solutions, with desktop clients available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Smartphone apps can also be found for Android and iOS, while there are add-ons available for your web browser. Does it rank among the best cloud storage (opens in new tab) or the best cloud storage for business (opens in new tab)?

Tresorit review: Snapshot

In exchange for a fairly steep price tag, Tresorit offers unmatched privacy through robust end-to-end encryption, with a helping of additional features, including link sharing, data logs, and file versioning thrown in for good measure. Security remains uncompromised, regardless of which platform you choose: this is the best thing about its extensive cross-platform support.

Moreover, instead of syncing cloud files directly with your desktop—a process that poses its own security risks—Tresorit Drive enables you to access files from your cloud storage without downloading or syncing them to your computer. This novel feature lets you save on both internet bandwidth and local storage while also mitigating the threat of data loss.

If your business prizes security above all else, you can’t go wrong with this provider. In our Tresorit review, we take a look at its best features, recent updates, pricing structure, and more to help you decide if it’s the best cloud storage provider for your business needs. 

Score: 3.5/5

Read on for the full Tresorit review.

Tresorit's competitors

How does Tresorit compare to its main competitors?
ProsZero-knowledge end-to-end encryption - Encrypted file sharing serviceStrong security - Easy to use - Extended file versioningExcellent security - Unlimited devices - Compatible with most platforms
ConsExpensive - Low on collaborative featuresLimited third-party integrations - Unexceptional featuresExpensive - Not collaboration-friendly
VerdictTresorit offers powerful security with its zero-knowledge encryption feature but lacks collaborative may not be the best for collaboration and team sharing, but it strikes a decent balance between security and features at reasonable prices.SpiderOak’s zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption promise is good, but the plans are a little too expensive for small businesses.
View dealsVisit site (opens in new tab)Visit siteVisit site

Tresorit: Key features

Tresorit is a secure cloud storage provider that has standard file management and sharing features, with a few extra surprises thrown in for good measure. It works on a wide variety of devices and platforms without compromising data security. Below, we take a look at some of Tresorit’s best features to see if it’s the right fit for your business.

Tresorit’s file storage and management service is available across a wide range of platforms. There are desktop clients for Windows, macOS, and Linux. A special command-line interface tool is also available for Linux users. What’s more, there are add-ons for browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and mobile applications make it possible to access Tresorit on the go from your Android or iOS device.

The best thing about Tresorit is that its security standards remain uncompromised despite its availability across a wide variety of platforms. Strong end-to-end encryption protects your data, and this is backed by the company’s bold zero-knowledge encryption promise. 

MFA is available across all clients and applications, as well as Tresorit’s web interface. There are very few platforms that currently offer such wide compatibility without compromising on security and encryption standards, so Tresorit is ahead of the curve here.

With Tresorit, you have access to the full version history of each file, meaning that you can always revert back to an earlier version of your files and documents should they become compromised. 

As an account administrator, you can also view the data logs for all your individual files. These logs can help you determine who accessed and made changes to any given document and when. You can also reverse the changes made by a specific user at any time through file versioning.

Tresorit: Key features and highlights

Tresorit has a strong security focus when it comes to handling customer data. Not only does the service protect you from external threats, but it also guarantees that not even Tresorit staff members can access your data without your permission. Each file is encrypted on your device before it’s uploaded to the cloud, and is only decrypted when a user with the right permissions accesses it from their device.

Tresorit uses 256-bit AES encryption alongside a secure SSL/TLS connection to store and transfer your data. The service is also backed by a zero-knowledge claim, which, as mentioned above, implies that not even Tresorit can access your data. As an administrator, you control the security policies that are applied throughout your account. Consequently, it's ranked among the best secure cloud storage (opens in new tab) services.

Even shared files are sent over an encrypted link, and accessed only by those who have the appropriate permissions. As an added bonus, Tresorit is based in Switzerland, which is known for its excellent privacy laws. Tresorit encrypts all your shared files, and a secure link is used to access shared documents. As the owner of the file, you can control permissions and revoke link access as required. 

There are quite a few nifty features when it comes to link sharing. Not only can you control who has access to your files and when, but you can also decide whether they have access to the full version history of those documents. Tresorit also offers Outlook integration, meaning that you can encrypt your email attachments for added security.

Tresorit: What’s new in 2022?

The company regularly updates its service with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. It also introduces new features as required.

Tresorit hasn’t recently introduced any major changes to its service. However, the regular updates go a long way towards ensuring solid performance and plugging unnecessary gaps. You can find more detailed information on recent updates from Tresorit’s release notes page (opens in new tab).

Tresorit: Pricing

Tresorit offers two separate plans for individual users and two more for businesses. Although it may be one of the more expensive cloud storage providers we have reviewed, it’s also one of the best in terms of security and reliability. There’s a 14-day free trial available for those who want to check things out before making an investment, but credit card details are required to set the trial up.

Tresorit's pricing plans
Plan type/featurePremiumSoloBusiness StandardBusiness PlusEnterprise
Cost per month$12.50$30$18.00$24$30
Cost per year$125.04$288$174 per user$230.04 per user$288 per user
End-to-end encryption
Admin control
Data residency
Priority support

Testing Tresorit

To better benchmark Tresorit against its competitors, we analyzed its upload speeds, which are a key factor in terms of cloud storage, and the performance of its apps.

How fast is Tresorit?

Tresorit's user interface in use

Tresorit did not do well in terms of speed on a standard broadband connection (Image credit: Tresorit)

To see how well Tresorit delivers on its promises, we decided to test its server speeds. We uploaded a standard 569MB video file to the cloud storage provider’s servers on an 80Mbps broadband connection.

Tresorit took exactly 25 minutes and 14 seconds to upload the entire 569MB file. This is a lot slower than what we have come to expect from premium cloud storage providers. In comparison, (opens in new tab) took only six minutes and 50 seconds to upload the same video, and Google Drive (opens in new tab) took 10 minutes and 15 seconds. However, upload speeds can vary considerably depending on your network quality and server latency at that time.

How do Tresorit's apps perform?

Tresorit's webpage promoting its smartphone app

Tresorit’s apps are available on a wide range of devices and platforms (Image credit: Tresorit)

Since platform compatibility is a huge part of Tresorit’s sales pitch, we decided to see how well its mobile apps measured up in terms of performance and functionality. For this, we downloaded the Tresorit app on a Google Pixel 4a smartphone running Android 11. Here’s what we found.

The app boasts a clean user interface that makes it easy to perform common tasks like uploading files and folders, syncing mobile photos, scanning and uploading documents, as well as creating new .txt files. 

Unlike the desktop app, however, you need to download files first in order to access them on the mobile app. In terms of security, there is a multi-factor authentication lock, and you can view Tresorit’s privacy policy with just one click. The app also enables you to auto-upload your phone’s camera reel to the cloud.

Alternatives to Tresorit

Cloud storage, compared

IDrive vs Backblaze (opens in new tab) 

pCloud vs Dropbox (opens in new tab)

OneDrive vs Azure (opens in new tab)

IDrive vs OneDrive (opens in new tab)

Google Drive vs Dropbox (opens in new tab)

OneDrive vs Dropbox (opens in new tab)

Google Drive vs OneDrive (opens in new tab)

The cloud storage market is increasingly competitive, and Tresorit is by no means the only provider worth considering. To better understand its position, we compared Tresorit’s features with and SpiderOak (opens in new tab).

Sync offers better upload speeds and collaboration features compared to Tresorit. It’s also less expensive. However, while it, too, offers zero-knowledge end-to-end data encryption,’s security infrastructure does not seem as impressive as Tresorit’s. If you’re happy to strike a balance between security and collaboration, could be a good option.

SpiderOak is another premium cloud storage provider with a very strong focus on data security and privacy. It’s one of the few providers that can actually compete with Tresorit in terms of security. It’s also available for use on an unlimited number of devices (per user). 

However, SpiderOak is primarily a backup platform with even fewer file-sharing and collaboration features than Tresorit. And, in terms of price, it’s almost as expensive.

Tresorit stands out thanks to a robust and adaptive security infrastructure that ensures it stays one step ahead of malicious actors. It also offers strong encryption in terms of file-sharing—one of the few providers in the industry to do so. What’s more, it allows for minute control over file permissions and access, which is a boon for security-conscious businesses.

Tresorit's features compared to the competition
Zero-knowledge encryption
Real-time collaboration
SupportKnowledge base, ticket system, live chat, phoneKnowledge base, online formKnowledge base, online form, phone
Basic plan$12.50 a month (500GB storage)$8 a month (2TB storage)$6 a month (150GB storage)

Tresorit: The verdict

Tresorit is a secure and powerful cloud storage provider with wide platform compatibility and a bold zero-knowledge guarantee. 

Apart from providing extremely secure cloud storage, Tresorit also boasts quite a few quality features that are often missing from its competitors’ offerings. These include complete file version history and user access logging for each and every file, as well as the ability to share documents via an encrypted link without compromising security. 

With plans starting at $12.50 a month, Tresorit is certainly one of the more expensive cloud storage providers we have reviewed. Thankfully, it has a rich security offering that more than makes up for its price tag, and paying annually can get you a significant reduction too. 

Tresorit didn’t do very well in our speed tests, taking over 25 minutes to upload a 569MB file. However, its mobile apps easily measured up to the quality we are used to seeing from the best cloud storage services. So, while Tresorit isn’t the best platform for speed or collaboration, it offers a highly secure environment that will satisfy any privacy-conscious entrepreneur. 

This business-grade solution is a good choice for those who prize their data privacy over all else, but if it’s an online collaboration you’re interested in, this may not be the platform for you.

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The Verdict

out of 5

Tresorit cloud storage review

Tresorit is a great platform if you want a secure and foolproof way of storing sensitive data. However, the lack of proper collaboration features combined with painfully slow upload speeds makes it difficult to fully recommend.

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