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Voog review

A solid performer, without being exceptional

Voog's homepage
(Image: © Voog)

Our Verdict

A less-popular choice that won’t disappoint, but which doesn’t provide any particularly innovative features


  • SSL certificate included
  • Suited to both beginners and amateur coders


  • Premium plan is very expensive
  • Ambiguous privacy policies

ITProPortal Verdict

A less-popular choice that won’t disappoint, but which doesn’t provide any particularly innovative features


  • + SSL certificate included
  • + Suited to both beginners and amateur coders


  • - Premium plan is very expensive
  • - Ambiguous privacy policies

If you’re looking for a straightforward website builder that provides both preset templates and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding, then Voog might be for you. 

Voog’s straightforward pricing model and easy-to-use interface are strong points, as is its inclusion of SSL certificates and generous content storage allowances. Although there are some weak points, we think Voog is a cost-effective and reliable platform for hosting your next website,

In this review, we compare Voog’s offerings and compare it to its competitors among the best website builders.

Voog: Plans and pricing

Voog's pricing plans

Voog’s three-tiered pricing plan is straightforward and enables you to choose the best plan for you (Image credit: Voog)

Voog offers three different plans to its customers: Standard, Plus, and Premium. The three plans share some similar features, such as SSL security, unlimited bandwidth, and administrator analytics. However, there are also critical differences. 

The Standard plan, which costs $9.50 a month, is limited as it only provides hosting support for up to 30 pages and 5GB of content, and doesn’t feature any SEO tools. The Plus provides these SEO tools plus support for an unlimited number of pages, and up to 20GB of hosted content. It costs $15.30 a month.

Meanwhile, the Premium plan surpasses both Standard and Plus, providing customers with unlimited numbers of pages and contributors, an unlimited amount of hosted content, and advanced administrator and security features. It will set you back $46 a month, however.


Voog's webpage discussing its developer tools

Designing a website from the ground up is easy with Voog’s developer tools (Image credit: Voog)

One of Voog’s flagship features is its support for multiple languages. The platform’s in-built tool helps users optimize their website or blog for use in several languages. These features help Voog stand out from its competitors, and reflects the company's European origins. 

If you already have some experience designing websites using code, but still want to make use of Voog’s hosting services, try Voog for developers. Combining a robust API with a feature-rich coding and scripting toolkit makes Voog one of the best hands-on website builders.

Voog's webpage showing its range of website templates

Voog’s templates are highly visual and engaging (Image credit: Voog)

Sometimes, however, you simply need to create and upload a website as quickly as possible. Fortunately, Voog caters to this too. Whether it’s an online store, a blog, or a company website, Voog’s templates are highly customizable and make creating a website a breeze, with zero coding skills required. 

We also appreciate that potential customers can design a website and test the API for free before committing to an ongoing subscription.

Interface and in use

Voog's control panel demonstrated

The central control panel is stripped, but this makes it easy to manage your site (Image credit: Voog)

As alluded to above, Voog’s template library and website builder makes designing and customizing your own site easy. When you first log into your account, you are presented with a clean, uncluttered control panel. The most important features are prominently displayed, and website traffic statistics are shown.

Voog's website builder in use

Adding content is easy with Voog’s preset applets (Image credit: Voog)

Once you open the website editor, you’ll be presented with a feature-rich, intuitive interface. It is easy to add new content and pages, and users can choose between several preset applets, such as maps, videos, forms, or buy buttons.


Voog's support homepage

Voog’s support options are somewhat limited (Image credit: Voog)

The first place to go with questions is the online help center. It contains lots of how-to articles and video guides. Although we could find answers to many of the most common questions, we were left answerless when searching for information on more advanced issues, such as security frameworks and data management guidelines. 

If the help center cannot resolve your issue, you can also contact Voog via an online help form. There is no phone support and no online chat form, which leaves us feeling quite disappointed with the company’s support options. Although Premium plan customers have access to “priority support,” we couldn’t find any information about what this actually entails.


Voog's webpage showing a video discussing SSL certification

Beyond SSL certification, Voog’s security frameworks are ambitious (Image credit: Voog)

Although we’re impressed that SSL encryption is included in all plans, there is a disappointing lack of information about Voog’s security frameworks on the company’s website. There is no information about how Voog stores hosted data, including whether encryption is used and where data centers are located. There is also scant information about account security, including whether two-factor authentication is possible. 

So while potential customers can take comfort in the fact their website will benefit from the credibility that SSL certification affords, there is not much else to convince us that Voog is a responsible manager and host of data, particularly by European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standards.

The competition

When discussing competitors, it would be hard not to mention Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. These three platforms are well established with significant market share. Wix, in particular, boasts a website builder that is close to best-in-class. 

With drag-and-drop functionalities and a vast range of preset templates and applets, it likely surpasses Voog in terms of customizability and performance. Learn more about all three platforms in our Wix review, our Squarespace review, and our Weebly review: and also read our feature pitting them against one another, Wix vs Squarespace vs Weebly.

Final verdict

Voog is by no means an underperforming platform. It boasts a competent website builder suited to both beginners and advanced coders. It also provides SSL certificates for all customers, which is uncommon in the website hosting market. And although we’re slightly disappointed with the support offerings, we think Voog’s straightforward pricing model makes the platform good value.

The Verdict

out of 5

Voog review

A less-popular choice that won’t disappoint, but which doesn’t provide any particularly innovative features