Wasabi and Carahsoft are bringing hot cloud storage to the public sector

Hot cloud storage provider Wasabi is bringing its services to the public sector through a partnership with Carasoft.
(Image credit: Wasabi)

Wasabi, a Boston-based cloud storage provider, is partnering with IT provider Carahsoft to bring faster and cheaper cloud storage to the public sector. Through the agreement, Carahsoft, which is certified to provide technical solutions for the US government, can license Wasabi’s cloud services to public sector agencies.

That represents an important new offering for government agencies looking to upgrade their cloud infrastructure. Wasabi specializes in “hot” storage, which is optimized for instantaneous access to files and data stored in the cloud. According to the company, it is able to provide faster data retrieval than competitors like Microsoft and Amazon at just one-fifth of the price.

Wasabi and Carahsoft hope that by offering cheaper hot storage, public sector agencies will be able to better adapt to a changing tech landscape and provide digital services at a national scale. ‘As agencies pursue their modernization goals,’ explained Joe Tabatabaian, a Carahosft manager working with Wasabi, ‘the flexibility and scale of cloud storage allows them to better balance performance and resilience with cost efficiency to ensure that their data is secure and accessible whenever they need it.’

The Carahsoft connection

The partnership with Carahsoft was critical for Wasabi, which is unable to sell its services to public sector agencies on its own because of government procurement rules. Virginia-based Carahsoft holds NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement V and National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance contracts, which allow it to resell IT solutions from the private sector to the public sector. 

Carahsoft currently offers public sector organizations software from a number of existing partners, including VMWare, Amazon Web Services, McAfee, Google, and Adobe. Through the new agreement, Wasabi cloud storage will now be available for purchase by local, state, and federal agencies. 

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