Apple updates the new iOS

At Apple's press conference where they unveiled a new range of products the company also announced version 4.1 of iOS, which arrives with bug fixes and new features for the supported iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

This release first and foremost fixes a lot of issues that many have experienced with the OS. Apple listed the fixes at their keynote speech, which ranged from proximity sensor issues being resolved, to Bluetooth problems also being fixed in iOS 4.1.

Apple claimed that iPhone 3G performance issues will be resolved too, whilst they announced there are additions to the new platform and not just the resolution of problems.

Apple has added HDR photos, which stands for High Dynamic Rage where three pictures can be taken at the same time, one over exposed, one under exposed and another normal one - where they are combined to produce the best possible photo.

Added to iOS 4.1 is the ability to upload HD video content over WIFI, which was apparently absent from previous versions of 4. Other improvements are relating to iTunes, where it's now possible to rent TV shows and not just purchase them from Apple.

Game centre is a new addition to the latest Apple OS release, where essentially there are now multiplayer games on their devices that are even being developed in great 3D detail.

A few of these features feel as if they should have been a part of the iPhone 4 at launch, whilst the others just relate to teething problems that early adopters have encountered and Apple are being very apologetic for.

iOS 4.1 will be available free from next week and downloadable through iTunes, as per usual.

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